"Our breeding dogs are ALAA DNA Profiled. All of our breeding dogs have been DNA'd and their DNA profiles have been submitted to the ALAA. This has been done to protect the buyer and support parentage identification. We are proud to be an ALAA/DNA breeder."


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Manor Lake's Sydney


Sire Manor Lake's Hugo Boss
Dam Manor Lake's Aspen
Color Red, BBee
Coat Wavy Fleece
DOB April 5, 2016
Size Miniature 18” and 23 pounds

Take a few moments and watch Sydney in the below televised news/video links, breaking down the barriers for children in Akron. One of our amazing labradoodles, we trained to serve, having such great understanding of the many needs and love for the children.

(CGC) Canine Good Citizen
- November 2017
Therapy Pet - October 2016


She is one amazing, special little redhead that has so very much to offer. At four months of age, she began working as a Therapy Dog in Training giving much unconditional love and comforting many. Upon reaching the age of one year, she received her CGC Title and her Therapy Work was growing by leaps and bounds.

Describing Sydney, she is without a doubt, the most intelligent dog we have met in our lifetime. She has a calming disposition, loving nature and just understands the needs of those whom she meets. Sydney had a litter of beautiful puppies Summer 2017, 4 handsome boys and one adorable little redhead just like Mom… (Miss Ruby Slippers).

After much soul searching and yes, bittersweet, we knew deep in our hearts that Miss Sydney was “born to serve”. Miss Sydney left her role as a breeder and growing her legacy. She is now doing what she was meant to do!

Sydney was awarded to an Intervention Specialist Teacher and does what she does best, therapy work at Julie Billiart School, a private special needs school in Akron, Ohio. Sydney's simple "calming presence" and "understanding" brings much needed encouragement, comfort, trust, confidence and joy to the children.

Sydney is also a "Local TV Star" showcasing her endeavors with the children at school.

We will always love you Miss Sydney…Make us proud of all your beautiful, loving work!


Riverbend's It's a Hard Knock Life



Sire Manor Lake's Amadeus
Dam Riverbend's Pearl
Color Caramel & White, bbee (carries parti & phantom)
Coat Wavy Fleece
DOB October 12, 2016
Size Miniature, 16 inches and 23 pounds


Our adorable, smart, little Miss Annie with her gorgeous caramel fleece coat, beautiful green eyes with amazing eye contact and solid boning for her small stature, wiggles her way and steals your heart every time. This sweet tempered, people magnet, little girl has much charm and charisma!

Silly Annie has a spring in her gait that brings a smile to your face as she bounds along throughout her day. Annie’s temperament is so full of life, soulful, loving and gentle all in one. She loves to play or observe whatever is going on! At the end of the day, she makes her way into one's lap for cuddles and kisses before off to sleep with her BFF, Joe!

Springville's Melbourne

AKC# MA44702301

Sire Highland's Very Well Red
Dam Springville's Salsa
Color Apricot with white Tuxedo markings
DOB February 15, 2013
Size Medium, 17 inches and 40 pounds


(CGC) Canine Good Citizen May 3, 2016
Therapy Pet May 3, 2016


Melbourne, a Certified Therapy Dog, lives with his companion, a young college student as an Emotional Support Dog providing unconditional love and companionship. Melbourne’s well-mannered nature puts everyone he meets in a relaxing state. He is gentle, caring, obedient, faithful and protective. He has a magnetic effect on those around him, as people just seem to gravitate towards him whenever he enters the room. He is a handsome fellow with a curly apricot fleece coat and white tuxedo markings.

He was an international traveler as a young puppy until two years of age. While living abroad, he loved daily walks on the beach and watching the fishermen. He understands commands in both English and Spanish.

His most favorite things are long walks and therapy work. When he sees his “Therapy Vest”, he sits at the door, ready to brighten up at least one person's day.