About Us – Our Story

My introduction to the world of labradoodles  commenced through my very first encounter with a labradoodle in 2005.  And, at that moment, my life took a sharp turn. 

I had always known I wanted to give back to this world..to reach out and help a few of the many in need.    It was like a light bulb went on and I realized what I needed to do.

Through my in-depth research into the labradoodle world, interviewing veterinarians. dog trainers, therapy dog examiners and attending  numerous  classes and conferences,  I learned the Australian Labradoodle was the breed to help me reach my goal …placing mentally stable, physically healthy, therapy dogs in schools (both public and private), and/or homes, helping one child at a time. 

My name is Carla Zinser, owner/breeder of Heritage Manor Labradoodles.   I have a Family of three married children, seven grandchildren and one adorable ginger head  great-granddaughter, all whom are enthusiastic Cynophilists (dog lovers).


Emile Zinser

Our Australian Labradoodles are undeniably, extremely smart.  They are our loyal four-legged, loving  companions..they are social “butterflies”.  They don’t have any other choice with our  Family.   Whether at one of our grandchildren’s baseball or softball game(s), long walks through the parks, romping around in the yard or flopping down for a quick siesta with one of the kids or  husband, our Australian Labradoodles are being raised in a loving, caring environment, necessary in continuing development for generations to come.  They are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.

Our daughter,  Allison, is HML’s  Social Media Guru (Bless her soul!) and she is my right hand helping coordinate numerous  facets of our Breeding Program.    Her dedication, enthusiasm and insight is an enormous asset to HML. 

Granddaughter, Lillian, presently a sophomore in high school has been at my side whelping litters for the past five years.  She is the Guardian of  our black phantom beauty, Paris and has an inseparable bond with stud muffin, Lennon.  Lilly brings you all the weekly photo collages of the puppies!    

Our Breeding Program is under the tutelage, care and guidance of Dr. Robert (Hutch) Hutchison, co-founding member of the renowned Animal Clinic Northview in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Dr. Hutch is the Director of the Center for Canine and Feline Reproduction and Infertility, (a frozen semen center in Ohio), one of the most comprehensive facilities for breeding in the world.  This state of the art Clinic along with their entire Staff having extensive knowledge,  educate, help and guide us  through all our reproductive needs and  specialty care.  

Heritage Manor Labradoodles (HML) has been awarded  Gold Paw Status with the  Australian Labradoodle Association of American (ALAA) maintaining a high standard of functional health, clinical health  and longevity on all our Breeder Dogs.  We examine our Breeder Dogs for invisible signs of orthopedic disease, eye, cardiac and neurological disease.

We are an  All Star Breeder with the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association.   We are dedicated to the continuing health, genetic diversity, longevity and well being of the Australian Labradoodle.

We are a recognized Good Dog Breeder.    We are committed into educating ourselves  on new and better practices when it comes to health testing.   The emotional and physical health of our dogs is above all else.  Our  breeding dogs’ emotional, and cognitive needs are met by ensuring they receive appropriate stimulation, activity and social interaction. We are committed to keeping our dogs out of the shelter system.  www.gooddog.com

We emphasize ethics and integrity within our Breeding Program, following the  stringent guidelines of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association and the  Australian Labradoodle Association of America .   It is  our responsibility to each and every  Australian labradoodle puppy we bring into being.