“Heritage Manor”, Our Cornerstone

heritage-manor-cornerstoneAligning our breeding program, the name, Heritage Manor reflects our identity in several ways. The word “Heritage”, meaning one’s legacy, one’s lineage. Our Ohio Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles originate from some of the very earliest and finest Australian, multigenerational bloodlines, Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia.

Heritage Birch

Our “Manor” is surrounded by Heritage Birch trees,  trees with gorgeous conformation,  always luring one to take a closer look just like our Labradoodles. Our Labradoodles, with their blocky conformations, exquisite fleece coats, silly antics and amazing temperaments stop all on their pathways.

heritage-birch1       heritage-birch2


OhiO Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles

Heritage Manor labradoodles are whelped, nurtured, loved and trained in our home, our “Manor”. Naming our Breeding Program was very much like laying the cornerstone of a building; once it’s in place, the entire foundation, the entire structure, aligns our Breeding Program to that fundamental cornerstone, “Heritage Manor”.

ohio multigenerational australian labradoodles

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