Our Location

heritage-manorHeritage Manor Labradoodles is nestled on acres in the Village of Walton Hills, located in Southeastern Cuyahoga County.  We are  surrounded by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, down the hill from Cleveland’s Emerald Necklace ( extensive nature preserves with rivers and creeks flowing through the region) and ; a stone’s throw from the infamous Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath. These are some of our most favorite places for dog walking our treasured, loyal companions.

Dog walking provides opportunities for enrichment, socialization and training that most backyards most likely do not have.  Our dogs are  curious and love exploring on our walks and hikes.

These walks  provide mental stimulation that comes from visiting places besides our familiar backyard.  We like to sometimes call them their "sniff walk" allowing our dogs to stop and sniff, sniff and stop which appears to be quite  gratifying to them.

Leash walking our dogs plays a huge role in helping us develop their social skills.  They learn to be comfortable with new sites, sounds, people and other dogs.

Leash walking requires us to be with our dog,  strengthening  our bond that we will carry with us forever.