Why Heritage Manor Labradoodles?

It begins with the AKC, CGC (American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen). I wanted to be the pack leader of Australian labradoodles that are well behaved family members. I wanted four legged family members that I would love and enjoy with our children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends without worrying that they were to become an annoyance. I wanted labradoodles that are a pleasure to own and a nuisance to no one.

And yet, I sought to do more and expected more from both my labradoodles and from myself. I needed to develop the human companion/pet bond, helping and assisting those in need in our surrounding communities.

I had read in the 2014 Data Statistics for the United States by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), that the US had 15,600 nursing homes with more than 1.4 million residents. I also learned that 50% of the nursing home residents do not have any living relatives AND that 60% of nursing home residents have NO VISITORS!!!!???

canine-good-citizenEnter Heritage Manor Labradoodles, one labradoodledoodle at a time.  Our objective is to bring comfort and unconditional love to others. We have Australian labradoodles that have achieved both their CGC Certificates and Therapy Dog Certificates and others that are presently “in-training”.  We have Australian labradoodles that are actively working as therapy and emotional support companions on a daily basis.  Our goal is to have our silly,  loving companions in life,  achieve one if not both these certificates, helping brighten the days of those in need, one smile at a time.


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