Becoming a Forever Family for a Heritage Manor Puppy

australian labradoodles1)  A Forever Family chooses a specific litter or first available for their companion pet selection.

2)  Communication is best by email,, as we do not always have our phones with us while attending to our Australian labradoodles or family. We do our best to get back to your emails in a timely manner. Heritage Manor will follow up by phone if needed.

3)  Submit puppy application informing Heritage Manor about you and your Family, describing your lifestyle, Family members, needs and wishes. 

4)  Review Heritage Manor Pricing.

5)  Submit you non-refundable Reservation/Consultation Fee via (PayPal , or a Cashier’s Check or Money Order made out to Heritage Manor Labradoodles LLC.) No Personal Checks accepted.  This fee is applied to your puppy purchase price.  Heritage Manor Labradoodles strives to find the very best of the best Forever Families for our babies!!   We make every effort  to ensure our  Forever Families are able to provide our puppies a life filled with abundant love, training and has their utmost interest at heart .  The time and energy spent educating a Forever Family, reviewing one’s application, making sure they are a perfect fit for one of our puppies, and allocating a puppy for them prior to whelping of a litter, means we have turned away other potential Forever Families wishing to  reserve a puppy.  

6)  Upon review and approval of an Application along with receipt of the non-refundable Reservation/ Consultation Fee, the “Forever Family” will be notified via email as to placement on their choice litter Reserved Wait List or, placement on the Reserved Wait List for the first available  puppy of size they are seeking.  

7)   You will receive a litter announcement once puppies are born and weekly email updates during the puppies first eight weeks. You will also be encouraged to follow your litter on Facebook, Instagram and our website.

8)  Heritage Manor does not allow any unscheduled visitations prior to pick up of your puppy. We have scheduled 30-45 minute visits (adults only) around 6 weeks of age, once puppies have received their first series of inoculations. We take every precaution ensuring that your puppy has maximum protection from outside contamination due to their limited inoculations at their very young age. We do not want to compromise either their health or well-being. We understand the excitement on seeing and holding your beautiful puppy.

  • Young puppies are not protected against diseases which can simply be brought into our home  from someone’s shoes or clothing and easily transferred onto our furniture and floors.  These diseases are then picked up by mommy’s paws and she transfers to her puppies.  Breeders  have lost entire litters due to diseases brought into homes.
  • Mom’s are easily stressed from new sounds and voices and her very first instinct is to protect her puppies.  Through excitement she may accidentally pounce on one of her puppies injuring them or even worse crushing them.
  • A stressed mom’s body creates cortisol.  Excess cortisol can result in serious health problems such as elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, increased risk of infection, decreased bone and muscle mass  just to name a few.  

Thank you for understanding and allowing us to put the safety, health and well-being of your puppy as our greatest priorities.

9)   Heritage Manor Labradoodles reserves the right to select as “first picks” any exceptional breeding quality puppies to advance the betterment of our Breeding Program , prior to companion pet designation of a litter which begins at six weeks of age.

Heritage Manor bases the selection process on priority of reservation, special needs, wish list (size, gender, color), dynamics and lifestyle of family and most importantly the personality match, all outlined on your puppy application.  Please know we want the very best fit for both our Forever Families and our puppies. We take great care to match our puppies to the right families  by closely watching and continually interacting with our puppies through their early development stage.  If your preferences are not negotiable, it may take longer to match your Family to a puppy with your specific preferences.   Should your selected litter not have a puppy that meets your needs, we will move your Reservation/Consultation Fee to another litter.  All of our puppies WILL have amazing soft wavy fleece coats.   All of the puppies will have wonderful temperaments.  All of the puppies will be very smart and eager to learn.   Unexpected non-pregnancies along with gender, size and coat color of puppies we have no control over.

10)  Before adopting a puppy from Heritage Manor and once your puppy has been identified, a binding contract between the parties will be executed.

11)  At 6 weeks of age, the puppies will have a health exam, receive their first vaccination  and be micro-chipped.  Puppies will NOT be spayed/neutered before leaving for their Forever Home. A Spay/Neuter Contract will be initiated and signed by the puppy’s Forever Family and returned to Heritage Manor prior to puppy joining their Forever Home. The puppy must then be spayed/neutered by the puppy’s 7th month birthdate.

12)  Going home is generally around 8 weeks of age.

13)  Final Payment, including travel arrangement fees if needed, is due at 6 weeks after puppy selection has been determined. Final payment must be received before pickup or delivery of your Heritage Manor Labradoodle Puppy.