Bio Sensor Stimulation & Scent Introduction

Heritage Manor Labradoodles believes early stimulation of our labradoodle puppies is extremely beneficial to their life-long health and overall success. We perform the Bio Sensor Stimulation Exercises daily with our newborn puppies beginning on Day 3 until Day 16.

Bio Sensor Stimulation

The US Military wanted to improve the performance of their Military canines and developed a canine program that still is in use today. They started a program called “Bio Sensor” which later adopted the nickname, “SuperDog”.

After years of research, the Military recognized that early neurological stimulation exercises could be of value with long-term results. Their findings showed that there are specific time frames in a young puppy’s life where neurological stimulation has most favorable outcomes. The initial time frame beginning very early in the puppies lives, from day 3 through day 16. During this period, it is thought that the fastest neurological growth and development takes place and, is of utmost importance for each puppy.

The “Bio Sensor” program gives puppies a quality advantage by implementing early neurological stimulation through the simple five exercises (below).

  • Tactile stimulation – Holding the puppy in one hand, we gently tickle the puppy between their toes using a Q-tip. Time of stimulation 3 – 5 seconds.
  • Head held erect – Using both hands, the puppy is held perpendicular to the ground, (straight up), so that the head is directly above the tail in an upward position. Time of stimulation 3 – 5 seconds.
  • Head pointed down – Holding the pup firmly with both hands, the head is reversed and is pointed downward so that it is pointing towards the ground. Time of stimulation 3 – 5 seconds.
  • Supine position – Holding the pup so that it’s back is resting in the palm of both hands, with its muzzle facing the ceiling. The pup, while on it’s back, is allowed to sleep or struggle. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.
  • Thermal stimulation – Using a damp towel that has been cooled in a refrigerator for thirty minutes, the puppy is placed on the towel, feet down. We do not restrain the puppy from moving. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.

    By performing these exercises, the puppies are giving their neurological system a head start. These exercises are an addition to the puppy’s daily routine. We never want to stop bonding and developing their social skills.

    By implementing these exercise, our puppies will have: 

    • An adrenal system that moves faster 
    • Stronger heartbeats
    • More tolerance to stress
    • More resistance to disease
    • Stronger heart rate

Scent Introduction

New research studies are showing that dogs trained in nose work are more confident throughout life.  Negative attitudes often are tied to separation anxiety, fear and aggression. We are taking steps to help our puppies have positive attitudes towards life.  One minute each day, we are introducing new scents to each puppy.   We introduce pungent items that our puppies will interact with throughout their daily lives.

  • Natural items such as grass, tree bark, pinecones and leaves
  • Fruits, herbs and spices such as lemon, rosemary, apples and mint
  • Training items such as tennis balls, leather, plastic and wooden items

We are taking steps to help our puppies have positive attitudes towards life.  Simple daily exercises beginning Day 3 through Day 16 that make a huge impact in our puppies lives.