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Participating in HML’s Guardian  Program, you will receive one of Heritage Manors’s very best Australian Labradoodle Puppies . You will receive  one of our  potential breeding puppies as your four-legged companion.  This  puppy will possess excellent qualities as outlined in the ALAA breed standard (i.e. conformation, color, movement, temperament, soundness and coat quality).  

Our potential breeder puppies will be fully health tested by HML prior to entering our Breeding Program.  Our potential Guardian  breeder puppy  is owned by HML and not for sale.   Heritage Manor retains  sole rights, interest and breeding  of the Guardian puppy/dog. 

Our  breeding dogs live in our home  or our Guardian Families  homes.  A Guardian’s home is within 45 miles of Heritage Manor.  Guardians must  have reliable transportation and meet the requirements of our Guardian Contract.  Occasional visits/vet appointments with the Guardian puppy will be needed over the first 12 months, for the assessing/testing process. 

Guardian must own their own home and have a  fenced in yard (will consider an electric fence on a case by case basis). Guardian puppy/dog must  never be left outside unattended.  

Any and all medical costs related to breeding  are solely the responsibility of HML.  Guardian Families are responsible for routine preventative/medical care including, but not limited to feeding, vaccinations, flea, tick, internal and external parasites and heart worm preventative medication.   Guardian WILL NOT USE  COMFORTIS, TRIFEXIS, NEXGUARD or BRAVECTO on Puppy/dog as these have been associated with illness and death.   Guardian may use a local veterinarian approved by Heritage Manor Labradoodles.   All our breeder dog’s reproduction visits  are at Animal Clinic Northview in North Ridgeville, Ohio.  

Guardian puppy/dog will be fed solely Life’s Abundance (LA) All Life Stages Food plus an additional 1/4 can of Life’s Abundance canned food added to their evening meal.  Guardian will give their  puppy/dog  daily a Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement vitamin. 

Guardian Families are responsible for  grooming of their puppy/dog following the guidelines of the WALA Grooming Guidelines. Guardian Dog must be groomed solely by one of the two approved groomers for HML, one on the Westside of Cleveland and one on the Eastside.

The Puppy/dog and Guardian must attend training classes with their Guardian Puppy no later than by 12 weeks of age and continue through Advanced obedience classes .   Guardian Dog must pass their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) by 18 months of age.  With the present restrictions with COVID-19, HML has partnered with an online puppy school to begin working with your puppy immediately.

Guardians must have previous dog experience.  Guardians must ensure your puppy/dog is nurtured, trained, exercised and receives unconditional love. If another dog is a member of your household, said dog MUST be spayed/neutered.

Upon retiring  breeder dog from our breeding program, HML will spay/neuter the breeder dog and sole ownership will be transferred to the Guardian/“Forever Home”.

Guardian Program Overview

12 Weeks to 14 Months

Becoming a Guardian for  an HML Guardian puppy, your  puppy/dog  will live with you as your family pet. Guardian will be responsible for giving and receiving abundant unconditional love, training and socialization; the most important things you can do for your “sponge” puppy at this stage.

Girls typically have their first season/heat cycle between 9-14 months of age. Upon the start of their season, you must contact us immediately.  A season will typically last about 3 weeks and their next season will be in approximately 6 months. We do not breed our girls prior to 12 months of age, nor before completion of all health testing.

Our Breeding Program assessment/health testing will be completed around 12 months of age. Heritage Manor is responsible for all costs incurred in this assessment. A final decision will then be determined as to Guardian dog becoming part of our Breeding Program. Heritage Manor strives to select only the best puppies to continue and develop our Breeding Program. Should we decide not to breed the Guardian dog, Guardian dog will be spayed/neutered.


Beginning with the second Season, Guardian is responsible to bring female Guardian dog to Heritage Manor or determined location when needed for occasional testing and/or transcervical insemination (TCI). If we breed Guardian dog , she will remain with Guardian during  gestation, with instructions as to her care and an occasional vet appointment with Breeder. 

Pregnant Guardian female will join HML 5-7 days prior to their due date and exact timing determined solely by HML. This enables Guardian Dog to settle in and begin nesting in preparation for the birth of her puppies.  Once puppies are weaned, between 5-5 1/2 weeks of age, the Guardian dog returns to her Guardian family.


Guardian dogs have up to 4 litters in our Breeding Program. A live birth of 2 or more puppies at 8 weeks of age constitutes a litter.  A Guardian dog is routinely assessed with each breeding and litter produced. Through these assessments, we may elect to early retire a breeder/Guardian Dog. This is solely the decision of Heritage Manor Labradoodles, and it is our right exclusively to make that decision with the guidance of our medical support team. Upon retirement, we will spay/neuter the Guardian dog and transfer ownership to theGuardian /Forever Family.  The health and well-being of our breeding dogs is our primary focus, ensuring they are in excellent health for each litter they produce.


Heritage Manor Labradoodles will occasionally enter female & male puppies into our Guardian Program. Our available guardian puppies typically will be 10-12 weeks of age when joining their Guardian Family.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian for one of HML’s potential breeder puppies, complete our online Puppy Application.  Heritage Manor works closely with our Guardian Families to ensure a perfect Guardian puppy matches the lifestyle and any potential needs of the Guardian Family..

We appreciate your interest in our Guardian Program;   which enables HML to continue to work towards bettering the Australian Labradoodle Breed and our Program.  

We sincerely thank you for your consideration and time.