One Yellow Ribbon

A yellow ribbon tied to a dog’s leash is not the latest fashion trend off the red carpet, but rather a simple tool implemented as a sign within the animal community. Securing a yellow ribbon to a dog’s leash may be for several reasons (i.e. medical, dog in training or possibly the owner is aware that their canine companion has difficulty when others and their canines approach their dog). Implementing the yellow ribbon as a warning for all coming in contact with our beloved companions that need a little more space, helps prevent altercations amongst dogs and their owners.

The Yellow Dog Project, a global, not for profit organization, began in Sweden in June 2012 to create an awareness for dogs that need space and should not be approached. Dog owners from forty-three countries including the United States, have banded together through the Yellow Dog Project.

All our four-legged companions deserve their walks whether they are injured, aggressive, in training or fearful. The Yellow Dog Project protects not only our animals but us, their best friend, as well. Join the Project. Be attentive of the yellow ribbon. “You might just save a life!