Why a Therapy Dog

Born to Serve!

therapy-dogA therapy dog provides endless love and much comfort for people in their time of need. They bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one, or perhaps help one forget their worries or anxieties or yet possibly help reduce the feeling of being alone. Therapy dogs bring comfort to the sick, the aging, the fragile in spirit and the dying, by simply lying by their side and giving them unconditional love. Therapy dogs can help jog one’s memory of their own four legged companion’s wagging tail.


A therapy dog helps a timid or anxious child read and does not judge their reading abilities and skills. A therapy dog puts a smile on one’s face. A therapy dog gives that special someone they visited something good to remember, think about, talk about and look forward to seeing again real soon!

Reasons for a therapy dog’s friendly visit are endless, and the rewards from the visits are immeasurable, for not only the person you are visiting but for the handler and therapy dog as well. Most will not remember the handler’s name but they will remember their Therapy Dog!



…I heard from the residents all about you…. thanks for your time and love to my residents. — Eve


…A Very loong thank you… — Tina


Thank you so much for all that you do for the many, many people you serve… We’re so appreciative of your time and hard work, and the snuggles your pets provide. — Jessica


Thank you so much for visiting me today. I miss my dogs terribly…. Please, please come see me on your next visit… — Lucille


…I can’t go to school without her…–Gabby, Intervention Specialist Teacher


…I am crying tears of joy instead of sorrow today….–Susan


…He talked, he talked…after two long years, he talked…he said brown dog!!…–Jim, Nurses Aid