Stud Service

Heritage Manor Labradoodles offers Australian Labradoodle Stud Service to approved breeding females through AI (Artificial Insemination), fresh chilled semen (collected and sent to your veterinarian) or natural breeding. AI or fresh chilled are our choice methods.

Should AI be your choice method, we use Animal Clinic Northview in North Ridgeville, Ohio. The Veterinarians and technicians in Reproduction are highly skilled in all facets of reproduction. Once semen is collected, they choose the most appropriate route of artificial insemination based on the reproductive health of the female dog whether it be Vaginal Artificial Insemination, Transcervical Insemination or Surgical Insemination.

Should fresh chilled be your choice method, we use Animal Clinic Northview to collect the semen and overnight ship directly to your veterinarian. All semen is evaluated for quality prior to shipping and arrives at your veterinarian’s office within 24 hours.

If you are interested in hiring our amazing available stud, please review the list of requirements below. Feel free to contact us should you have any additional inquiries.

Requirements/Responsibilities of Dam Owner

  • Photocopy of Dam’s Health testing. Minimum testing required: clearance of hips (OFA or Penn Hip) and eyes (CERF).
  • Photocopy of three to five generation of Dam’s pedigree.
  • Dam owner responsible for all veterinarian costs including AI fees or collection of fresh chilled semen and shipping of semen to your veterinarian - dependent upon method utilized.
  • Recent (with seven days) brucellosis test If natural breeding.
  • Dam owner responsible for any transportation costs of dam to stud owner.
  • Dam owner agrees all pet companion puppies will have a signed Spay/Neuter Contract prior to puppies going to their Forever Families. Puppies MUST be spayed/neutered by Forever Families Veterinarian no later than puppy's seven month birthdate. Female puppies retained for your Breeding Program exempt.
  • For a copy of our Stud Contract please email us.


What Heritage Manor Labradoodles provides for you

  • A photocopy of the ALAA Registration Pedigree of stud
  • A photocopy of all health testing of stud
  • Stud contract



Colder Baby



Registered Name:
Riverbend's Polar Express "Colder Baby"

Sire: Riverbend’s Skippin’ To The Melody
Dam: IvyLane’s Moxie
Size: 19 1/2", 38#
Coat: Wavy Fleece (non-shedding)
Color: Caramel...bbee carries chocolate, creme, sable and parti
DOB: September 16, 2016
Health Testing: OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, eVet Pelvis and Elbows: Normal, eVet Hips: Good, OFA CAER: Normal, PRA-PRCD: Clear, IC: Clear, EIC: Clear, DM: Clear, vWD: Clear, OFA Cardiac: Clear

Colder is such a sweet, handsome boy.   We just love him!  He is one very intelligent, loving and caring boy.  Several of his offspring have gone on to become amazing therapy dogs.  So proud of all of them. Current Semen Evaluation available upon request.

Photos of a few of Colder's Lineage






Registered Name:  Hale's "Hugo" the Boss 

Sire:  Hale's One Night Stand aka Cruz
Dam: Hale's Eternal Flame aka Cedar
Size 14 1/2", 16.5#
Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece 
Color:  Red ...Bbee
DOB: January 9, 2018
Health Testing OFA Hips: Excellent, OFA Elbows: Normal,  DM: Normal, EIC: Normal, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis: Normal, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures: Normal, PRA-PRCD: Normal, PRA Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4: Normal, IC: Clear,  vWD: Normal, OFA Cardiac: Clear


Hugo, without a doubt,  is one little "lover boy".   He will do anything for belly rubs and attention.   He is one special boy, with an amazing fleece coat.   We have used him many times and the coats on the puppies are second to none!  Current Semen Evaluation available upon request.


Photos of Hugo's Lineage coming soon....