A perfect 100/100 🙂 Very happy and very blessed to have him with us and for you guys to bring him into our lives.

Shaun & Jen R & “Zephyr & Oreo”

Heritage Manor Labradoodles are beyond cute, loving, and wicked smart. Ever since we brought Maple home, she sleeps 8+ hours in her crate, plays nice with other dogs, has had ZERO (!!) accidents, and walks right next to me on a leash. What sets Heritage Manor apart from all the rest is Carla and Emile – she truly believes in breeding well-mannered, wonderful companions, and takes the time and effort to match you with the best dog for your personality. I cannot recommend Carla enough to anyone looking for a loving, smart, companion. No need to look anywhere else – these dogs are worth the wait and investment.

Morgan M & “Maple”

We got Bella in October 2017; she just turned 2 on August 14, one of Adelaide and Colder puppies!  What an adorable puppy!  She is beautiful, (looks just like Colder!), sweet, and oh so smart!  She only has to do/hear something once, and it’s committed to her memory!   Great Job, Heritage Manor Labradoodles!  We couldn’t be happier! 😘❤️ 

Fran & Bob L & “Bella”

Carla & Emile,

The entire family again wanted to say thank you for the new addition to our household.
I wanted to say thank you for the informative emails that you have sent us regarding our upcoming puppy from Lucy & Hugo’s recent litter.  Not only are your messages helpful, but they also provide us with a great deal of information on a new puppy as well as a list of things we should think about getting before our new family member joins our household.

We are so fortunate to have her!

DJ D Family & “Moose”

Cocoa is such a doll!  She is a lounger, sleeper, player, protector and kisser.  She is so smart and has a phenomenal memory for places, people and experiences.  She loves her perch on our bay window to observe all of the wildlife walking by and sits by the door every day at 4pm to wait for my children to get off the bus.  She is an outstanding family dog.  She is up for play at a moment’s notice (and a tummy rub!), but also seems to understand when I need to get work done and is great at chilling out on her own while I focus.  She brings immeasurable joy to our family and we couldn’t image life without Cocoa! 

Amy M & “Cocoa”

Good morning Carla, 

Our boy is now nine months old but still is very much a puppy. After a morning of playing with us, he was tired and decided to snuggle with the bunny containing the scent of his littermates.  He’s a wonderful companion and just as Emile stated  … he’s our shadow.

… Sydney is very talkative especially with me. He attends obedience training every Monday. We have been told he’s not only the smartest puppy but also the cutest. 

Meg K & “Sydney”

Heritage Manor dogs have impeccable lineage, bred to be sweet, loving pets and companions. But more importantly, they are so darn adorable! Excellent breeder.    

Jan A

He has my heart completely!! We cannot thank you enough.

Mercedes E & Andy K & "Henry"

Of course, Jim & I talk daily about our future “new addition” to the family! Also, reading about the breed. After looking at different doodles, your pups are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DOGS! I’m so glad we were able to connect & I know the pups will be worth the wait!! Just wanted to let you know that all you do is incredible work!

Patty P

Adelaide and his surrogate mom, Carla, did such a good job with Tucker in his important first weeks of life!  He will make your proud!   He’s such a good boy and was a little champ on the plane ride home!!  He is a dream puppy!!  Thank you for our precious Tucker!  He is such a joy and has stolen our hearts!

Deanna P & “Tucker”

Hi Carla,

I wanted to give you a Presley update and to thank you for doing such a great job at what you do. She is the happiest, sweetest, smartest, most adorable puppy I’ve ever met!!! We all love her so much and if it weren’t for your talents I know she wouldn’t be like this.

You picked the absolute perfect puppy for our family!  Best puppy in the world!   Thank you for creating her!

Meg C & “Presley”

Maple is so sweet, thank you!  Our family is in love!

Tim & Ashley N & “Maple”

Gibson has been a therapy dog since he walked in our door.  He does his job of making me laugh and taking me for walks.

Cindy T & “Gibson”

Thank you for reminding me about what is most important.

We researched and spoke with other breeders and hands down you are the most ethical, compassionate and responsible. We will wait. 

Angela M

Hi Carla, 

Thank you SO much for spending so much time yesterday to talk to me about your precious Australian Labradoodles.

Your passion and love for these beautiful animals is felt even through the phone…….YayYayYay!!!! My household just exploded with tears of joy and love   Thank you so much!!!  We are so very excited!!!

Lisa K Family & “Maxie”

 “Will you marry me?”

Ian & Nicole S & “Bennie”

Chewy is doing so incredibly well! He is potting outside like a champ, balancing play time and nap time, and getting used to his new family.  

He didn’t eat much yesterday which had me concerned but I tried his kibble whole today instead of crushed and he gobbled it right up. 

He likes giving us a “sit,” goes to the door when he needs to potty, and is doing well meeting new people. I think everyone cried when they found out we got this new family member, the grandparents especially. Ha! I can’t believe we pulled off this surprise. 

I can’t thank you all enough for the love, time, and care you put into raising our little Chewy. It’s very apparent and we will highly recommend you. 

PS: Tim insists on reading Chewy a bedtime story every night and it’s the most adorable thing to watch.  ️

Katrina B & “Chewy”

Oh my goodness!   I am so excited!  I’m in tears…Thank you so much.  I can’t go to school without her!

Gabby R & “Sydney”

Exceptional breeder=exceptional puppies that mature into phenomenal dogs. Couldn’t be happier with our pups! We are truly blessed beyond measure to have found Heritage Manor!

Melissa & Dave C & “Roy & Annie”

We are so excited! It will be a whole new (2 dog) world for the Zoldesy family!  We would have never even thought of doing this if Oakley wasn’t such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you for all that you do! 

Laura & Tom Z & “Oakley”

Hi Carla-

I hope you guys are doing well:-) Toby is doing so well. Our vet (Dr. Mark) at Rocky River Animal Hospital is so impressed with his temperament! ….Thank you Carla,  for all of the love and dedication you have for these amazing animals!!

Ann, Anders & Kristofer M and “Toby”

Bentley was born July 30th, 2017, and his parents were Sydney and Amadeus.  We will never forget the day we drove to Cleveland to pick him up.  When we asked Carla about Bentley’s personality/ temperament, she said, “he’s the playful one.”  She was 100% correct – Bentley is always looking to play with anyone or any dog he sees.  Besides being playful, he is also very loving and extremely smart; however, he definitely has a lazy side and loves rolling over to have his belly rubbed.   We are so thankful we found Heritage Manor Labradoodles, because we couldn’t have found a more perfect addition to our family.  

Bill and Pam S & “Bentley”


 You are the best!  I am so glad that we have waited all this time and have gotten to know you and your passion for these little gifts.  With all my struggles in the past 2 years, and all my blessings, I am so fortunate to move on to the next phase of my healing and companionship with a renewed look and friend, not only for me, but my entire Family.   God Bless.

 I know you have seen pictures of Fritz from my kids on Instagram and Facebook and you have seen that he is a traveler and a very adventurous little young man. I cannot tell you enough what a joy he is to me and the whole family and how much he is helping me and all my therapy. He has been potty-trained from the get go and sleeps through the night for a while now. We leave his food out and he eats when he is hungry. He mostly just hangs out, although we are still very diligent about his whereabouts. He loves to get his “zoomies” and goes wild with lots of exercise and then he naps like he is dead. I just watch him grow while he is sleeping, he is about 23,24 pounds, and I think he will be every bit of 50 plus looking at his paws and what the Vet said.(he is very lean and fit and gorgeous). 

Thank you so much,

Tony S & “Fritz”

I have seen a glimpse of what you do to take care of these puppies and I really appreciare all the heart, love and just plain work you do. I can see it truly is your passon.

Joy & Ken & "GracieMarie"

This is a thank you letter from our family to everyone at HML. Our girl Sawyer is 3 months old…she lights up our hearts and lives. She is the BEST…very sweet, calm, social, confident, and very smart. Sawyer is also the easiest dog to train that I have ever encountered. We are grateful for the work Carla puts in ahead of time to raise puppies with the BEST temperament. It’s all due to the dedication, philosophy, and hard work that Carla, Emile, Allison, and their family does to prepare their puppies to be loving, caring pets and therapy dogs. Carla sends weekly updates, pictures, and advise to prepare families in bringing their puppy home. We are honored to be part of their guardian home program so that HML can continue breeding such quality Australian Labradoodles. Thank you so much Carla from our family to yours

Karen B & "Sawyer"

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