Upcoming Litters

Updated February 14, 2019

UPCOMING First quarter 2019 LITTER(S)

Heritage Manor's Ruby Slippers 

Hale's Hugo the Boss

The Reserved Wait List is closed.
Miss Ruby has matured into a beautiful girl, picking up where her Mom, Sydney, left off. (Sydney retired early to do therapy work full time at a school for special needs children.)   We have patiently and excitedly watched Ruby and Hugo grow into the amazing four legged companions they have become.   We cannot wait to meet and share their puppies with our Forever Families!


Riverbend's It's A Hard Knock Life

Hale's Hugo the Boss


Our lovable, sweet Annie steals your heart with her piercing eyes and silly antics.   She definitely is an attention grabber and loves to be part of whatever is going on.   Adorable Annie and our lovable stud muffin, Hugo will be honeymooning first quarter 2019. We cannot wait to meet their puppies this Springtime.



Miniature Litters: (Avg. Maturity 20#)
Ivy & Hugo                          Fall               Caramels and Reds (some w/white mismarks)
Ruby & Hugo                     Winter          Reds
Lg. Medium/Small Standard Litters: (Avg. Maturity 40-45#)
Lucy & Charlie             Summer       Caramel, White, Chocolate, Chocolate & White Parti
Charlotte & Charlie    Summer      Chocolate, Caramel, White, Chocolate & White Parti
Adelaide & Hugo          Summer      Chocolate, Red


  • Dates for planned litters are approximate and based on our female breeders prior histories.  Expected arrivals of the litters may vary depending upon the whims of  Mother Nature who has complete control.   Heat cycles may be earlier or later than predicted or,  a pregnancy could not occur.  Coat  color and sex of puppies is not guaranteed.
  • Heritage Manor Labradoodles reserves the right to use an alternate sire than planned. There are many reasons and circumstances which may require this decision.  When a substitution is made, we will make every effort to use a sire of similar size, temperament, wavy fleece coat and, produce comparable coat colors.  Heritage Manor Labradoodles also reserves the right to take as "first picks" any exceptional breeding quality puppies to advance the betterment of our Breeding Program.
  • Heritage Manor Labradoodles has the option to choose not to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason. In this event, your consultation/reservation fee will be refunded.