Upcoming Litters

Updated March 7, 2021  

planned litters todate for 2021




Heritage Manor Pucker Up Buttercup"


Desert Waves You're A Good Man "Charlie" Brown 

This litter is Fully Reserved!  PREGNANCY CONFIRMED! We are beyond excited to announce we are planning on welcoming none other than our sweet girl, Charlotte and lover boy, "Charlie" puppies the first week of April.

Their pairing is without a doubt the perfect match! 




Heritage Manor Mia Amore of Ireland"




Australian Heritage Hashtag Lennon

This Litter is Fully Reserved!  Puppies anticipated April 23rd.  We are thrilled to announce that even through these long frigid, days of playing with our dogs and watching them romping in the snow, Ireland and Lennon took some time out and early this Springtime we plan on meeting Ireland and Lennon's miniature babies.  

Our in-home nanny, Ireland, is one stupendous Mom!  This  extremely smart dark caramel girl with the amber eyes is simply put  just a loving soul and she brightens the day for everyone who encounters her.  

And our dapper chocolate parti stud muffin, Lennon, is our inquisitive, playful soul that will do anything for his head massages along with ANYBODY that will play ball with him.  Oh and don't forget to have a scrunchie in your hair!!  You will be amazed at what a gentle loving boy he is as he slowly removes the scrunchie  from your hair without you knowing.  Lennon is such a kind, loving boy that has the awareness of all going on around him and is the therapy dog that we all wish we had in our lives.  He just melts your heart.  

Their puppies coat colors will be shades of caramel, chocolate, parti and possibly some tri-color.   Average maturity will be 18-20#.  So, dream about Springtime and enjoy the tail end of these winter days.


Available Australian Labradoodle Puppies

 planned thus far for 2021 LITTERS-AT-A-GLANCE

miniature               Due                 COLORS                       wt         Available   
Reece & Lennon        Mar/April          Phantom, chocolate        17-20#          Closed
Vixen & Lennon         May/June         Caramel/red, Chocolate  20-23#          Closed 
                                                                                        possible mismarks
Melina & TBD           June/July           Red, caramel                    17-20#          Closed
Abbey & TBD            July/Aug              Red, Apricot                    20-22#           Closed
Cannoli & TBD        July/Aug               Caramel                             25#               Closed
Ireland & TBD         Aug/Sept               Dark Carmel                  17-20#            Closed
Paris & TBD             Sept/Oct                Black Phantom            15-17#             Closed
Lucy & TBD              June/July '21       Caramel, Red                 40-45#             Closed
                                                                          & chocolate
Cocoa & TBD           July/Aug '21         Chocolate                       40-45#           Closed
Charlotte & TBD     Aug '21                  Chocolate, Roan, Parti  50-55#           Closed
          ..this will be Charlotte's Swan Litter
Liberty & TBD         Aug/Sept                Chocolate                      40-45#               Open
Emmersyn & TBD   Aug/Sept                Reds/golds &                     30#               Open
Isla & TBD               Sept/Oct               Chocolate & roan          35- 40#              Open
We are busy planning and forecasting additional, future matings.  We are continually updating.   Thank you for your Patience.  
Should our "closed" litters be larger than anticipated, we will open to Families on our Reserved WaitList in chronological order of receipt of their Reservation/Consultation Fee.
In the meantime, please complete our online Puppy Application... we will get back with you!   Thank you for your interest in HML!   Have a great day!


  • Dates for planned litters are approximate and based on our female breeders prior histories.  Expected arrivals of the litters may vary depending upon the whims of  Mother Nature who has complete control.   Heat cycles may be earlier or later than predicted or,  a pregnancy could not occur.  Coat  color and sex of puppies is not guaranteed.
  • Heritage Manor Labradoodles reserves the right to use an alternate sire than planned. There are many reasons and circumstances which may require this decision.  When a substitution is made, we will make every effort to use a sire of similar size, temperament, wavy fleece coat and, produce comparable coat colors.  Heritage Manor Labradoodles also reserves the right to take as "first picks" any exceptional breeding quality puppies to advance the betterment of our Breeding Program.
  • Heritage Manor Labradoodles has the option to choose not to sell a puppy to anyone for any reason. In this event, your consultation/reservation fee will be refunded.